Two DPx Gear knives have been pledged for, to our Kickstarter campaign!! We have 1 ‘DPx HEST Original left. Get your pledge in fast!

Thanks to Ted Sonnier, of Houston Texas, for being the first person and Andy Katz, of New York City, for being the second person to pledge $150 to our Kickstarter campaign, for Robert Young Pelton’s DPx Gear knives – and a 8×10″ limited edition fine art print, taken by Jason Florio, whilst we are on the forthcoming River Gambia Expedition!

Knife#1 – ‘DPx HEFT 4 Woodsman’ – DPx price: $212.50

The beautifully crafted knives will be winging their way from the DPx Gear hub in California, USA, to Ted and Andy, respectively – once we reach our target on Kickstarter. BUT, only once we reach our target of $3,500 will KS release the pledges made. As from today, 2nd October, we are 71% funded/pledged! Thanks to everyone for their support – we are extremely grateful – and humbled – by the your support and the ongoing messages of encouragement for the River Gambia Expedition

If you would like to make a pledge, and receive rewards for your support, please visit our Kickstarter page to find out all the details about the expedition – 12 days to go!

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We still have one DPx Gear knife on offer: the ‘HEST Original’ Check out yesterday’s post for all the details. Get your pledge in quickly, though – first come, first served! We’ll be taking our trusty DPx HEST Original’s with us again, on this next West Africa expedition – just as we did on our ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – a 930km African odyssey’.

Knife#2 – DPx HEST Original = DPx price: $123.75

Lastly, a massive shout out to Robert Young Pelton/DPx Gear for his very generous support -and collaboration. We’re still hoping we can convince the intrepid explorer to come join us on the expedition – or, at least, part of it – either trekking with us through the Fouta Djallon Highlands of Guinea or paddling through the hippo-abundant River Gambia, in Niokolo Kola National Park, in Senegal. For sure, RYP knows a thing or two about hippo’s (and croc’s)! Check out some of Robert’s books ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Places’, ‘Come Back Alive‘…this man has travelled!

click on image to visit ‘Come Back Alive’ – to find out ‘who is RYP?’

Again, thanks to Ted Sonnier and Andy Katz for their continued support. You’ve both just helped notch up our Kickstarter pledges – and get us nearer to our goal! DPx Gear knives and fine art photography prints will be coming your way soon!

The Florios x

Update: Leaving date for The Gambia, West Africa – 16th October. Meet and last minute prep with our local Gambian team mates, Abdou and Ibu, and then make our way, overland, down to Guinea at the end of October….more updates coming soon.