Today’s ‘shout out’ goes to the girls at Kemoto Point, The Gambia, for helping the River Gambia Expedition team to say ‘Thank you!’

Girls just wanna have fun-kemoto point_DSF4021 copy

Girls just wanna have fun – Kemoto Point, The Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio

We had a whole host of eager little volunteers at this particular village, where we camped overnight whilst on the last leg of the River Gambia Expedition.

So, today’s BIG shout out to the Kemoto Point kids – and all the other kids we met along the way – for their help in giving us a hand to say thank you to those donors who got involved in our ‘An Exchange’ and ‘Kickstarter’ fundraising campaigns.


Thank you! Kemoto Point, The Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio

If you’d like to check out more about how we said ‘thank you’ to our donors, please visit our page: BIG Love, thanks and respect to family, friends and well-wishers’