‘The Twins’ are out! The ’811 Ally’ canoes are going on the Alahein river this morning, Kartong, The Gambia/Senegal

Florio re-assembling one of ‘The Twins’ – Sandele Eco Retreat, Kartong, The Gambia. Image ¬© Helen Jones-Florio

We broke our own world-record yesterday – Florio and I put together the Ally 811 canoe in 28 minutes!! Considering it took us almost 5 hours (with tea-breaks) the first time, we ain’t doing too badly.

Today, we are taking ‘The Twins’ (yet to have their naming ceremony – Gambia style) out on their maiden voyage on the Alahein¬†River, up in the village of Kartong, which borders Senegal. In fact, passports in hand, we may well pop over the watery border and have lunch in Senegal.

In training for the ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1000km source to sea African odyssey’

More later on how we get on.

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Helen & Florio