‘The Twins’ (Ally 811 canoes) become ‘The Ally Cat’ – River Gambia, Senegal, West Africa

Allys in the River Gambia_MG_2894

‘The Twins’ are in the River Gambia!. Image by Henk Eshuis L-R: Florio, helen, Abdou, Ebou and Yousef – The day we got the canoes into the water in Kedougou, Senegal

‘The Twins’ become ‘The Ally Cat’

H & Ally cat T5616x3744-00352 copy

‘The Ally Cat’, River Gambia at Gulumbu, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio

December 27th, 2012 – Njuen-Gulumbu-Genoto, Senegal – Distance paddled to-date: 245.41km

Flo at work-fisherman_S112512 copy

Florio at work: People we meet along the river bank – fisherman repairing his nets, River Gambia, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

fisherman and nets T5616x3744-00128 copy

The cattle come to water and a fisherman repairs his nets on the banks of the River Gambia, Senegal © Jason Florio

Allys_H_Ebou_Abdou T5616x3744-00110 copy

Helen, Ebou & Abdou – passing a potential hippo beach © Jason Florio

Monkeys T5616x3744-00095 copy

Watching me, watching you, watching me…curious baboons, Senegal © Jason Florio

The conversion of ‘The Twins’ begins – Gulumbu, Senegal

Flo_Ally conversion T5616x3744-00337 copy

Florio: “is this going to work?” converting the Ally 811 canoes, Gouloumbou, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

Ebou-Ally conversion T5616x3744-00340 copy

Ebou fixes the fame work for the sail – Gouloumbou, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

Ally Cat - test drive _DSF2587 copy

Test run for ‘The Ally Cat’ – River Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio

Night hawkers2 T5616x3744-00280

Night hawkers – Gouloumbou bus depot, Trans Gambia Highway, Senegal © Jason Florio

Night hawkers T5616x3744-00299

Night hawkers – Gouloumbou bus depot, Trans Gambia Highway,  Senegal © Jason Florio

Fire woman T5616x3744-00276 copy

Woman silhouetted by the fire, Gouloumbou, Senegal © Jason Florio

And we’re off! Helen films the inaugural voyage of ‘The Ally Cat’

H & Allys2 T5616x3744-00353 copy

So far so good! Helen films ‘The Ally Cat’s’ inaugural voyage © Jason Florio

Ally Cats T5616x3744-00382 copy

Pit stop – River Gambia, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio

Flo_Ally Cat_DSF2604 copy

Florio records the sights and sounds along the River Gambia, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

Man and boat T5616x3744-00075 copy

Meeting more people along the way – local ferry man, River Gambia, Senegal © Jason Florio

Campsite2_DSF2626 copy

Camping in Genoto, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

Chief with peanuts_DSF2642 copy

The watchman brings us a gift (Silfando) of groundnuts,  Genoto, Senegal © Helen Jones-Florio

H & Allys Genoto_MG_5557 copy

Next morning – back on the river, Genoto, Senegal © Jason Florio

Watchman Genoto_MG_5563 copy

The watchman comes to bid us ‘au revoir’ , Genoto, Senegal © Jason Florio

Flo at work-ferry boy_DSF2647 copy

Florio at work: Ferry boy, River Gambia © Helen Jones-Florio

Boy on ferry_MG_5622 copy

Ferry boy on the River Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio

More river photo stories to come soon…as our River Gambia Expedition continues into 2013

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Next up: crossing the ‘border’ into The Gambia – without even realising it!

P.S. if you are in NYC next Tuesday 14th May, we are presenting a slideshow of our River Gambia journey at Foto Care. Please click on this link for all the details

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