Thanks to Redcoat Express (‘Overboard’ and ‘Peli UK’!) – a shipment of River Gambia Expedition gear is on route to West Africa

‘How the hell are we going to get all this stuff in one Peli Case?!’ Florio muses – Image © Helen Jones-Florio

It’s with a big thanks to Lloyd at Redcoat, based down near Gatwick Airport, that a chunk of our River Gambia Expedition gear will be beginning it’s own journey tomorrow, by boat via the Atlantic Ocean, to Banjul Port in The Gambia, West Africa. We’ll then, hopefully, be able to pick it up around the 20th October – a few days after we fly down there.

Redcoat also kindly helped us out on our 2009 expedition – through Gambia Experience‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush’, by flying some of our heavier gear down to Banjul.

Packing the essentials – especially the Clif Bars! Hey, we’ve gotta have some treats! Image © Jason Florio

A little product placement – and a BIG thanks from us – for some of the companies who have very generously supported us: Overboard™, Goal Zero™ and Peli Products UK

Overboard waterproof bags – on board – carrying more essentials for us. Image © Helen Jones-Florio

The Peli is finally closed, ready to go…sending it with LOVE (Yourself Project)

Florio oversees our precious cargo – Redcoat depot, Nr Gatwick Airport – Image © Helen Jones-Florio

Wave bye bye’ Helen & Lloyd (Redcoat) – Image © Jason Florio

Now we truly can feel, somewhat, that we are on our way…and it’s cathartic (albeit a little scary), letting some of our gear go – space clearing, if nothing else! But, we do have to deal with getting the gear released at the other end at Banjul Port, in The Gambia. We’ve heard many reports, over the years, of how notoriously difficult Banjul port authorities can be at times. However, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it – also, Lloyd from Redcoat assures us that ‘it’ll be fine’. We’ll take his word for it then – and trust in their ethos!


‘REDCOAT has been offering airfreight services to The Gambia and Sierra Leone since 1976.

No other freight agent in the UK can offer you this experience and, with our own offices at destination, you can be sure we will look after your cargo from beginning to end.

Thanks again to Lloyd and Redcoat for their support.

Next stop The Gambia!

The Florios

If you’d like to support the River Gambia Expedition, we are in the throes of raising the last bit of funding that we need, through Kickstarter – and, there are rewards for those who do. Please check it out. We’ve had an amazing response, with thanks to everyone who has jumped on board so far.

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