Today’s shout out: 3W Design, UK – web solutions made easy

Sarkis LogoSunday 14th April, 2013

Today’s shout out goes to all the guys over at the UK based web design company 3W Design – especially to director Sarkis Salleh – for taking over the hosting of our River Gambia Expedition blog (and for securing our new URL). A super efficient team and a seamless transition…we highly recommend them. Thanks to Grant Clifford and Kamil Farage - fellow River Gambia explorers – for the hook up.

‘Very often web design can be too expensive or over complicated. There are usually two types of Web Design Company through experience from our clients; those that are too expensive but create quality websites & those who create very poor, basic sites, which will need to be replaced in the short term. 3W fill that space.

We offer an affordable solution to get you online and get you noticed. Delivery of a website can be anything between 1 week to a maximum of 8 weeks depending on your needs as a business and the functionality of your website3W Design

BIG thanks Sarkis and crew!

The Florios (H & Flo)

Check out what we’ve been up to and what we are currently up to: River Gambia Expedition – 1000km source-sea African odyssey

flo packing

Florio packing prints for all our River Gambia Expedition donors, NYC – April 13th 2013


Today’s shout out goes to NUUN, UK – ‘You’re Always Active, Your Water Should Be Too’

NUUN H Sila Kounda_MG_3135 copy

NUUN – The River Gambia, Sila Kounda, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio

March 26, 2013 – Today’s shout out goes to NUUN, UK – ‘You’re Always Active, Your Water Should Be Too’

‘Nuun is leading the way in portable hydration with three drink options to keep you refreshed all day, everyday. All three are ideal to help keep you hydrated and to make the most of the water you drink’ – Nuun

BIG thanks to Sarah, Ella and all at Nuun for the hydration tablets and water bottles, for the River Gambia Expedition. They supplied us with three tasty flovours: tri-berry (my favourite), lemon & lime and lime tea, which helped to keep us hydrated throughout our journey – whether we’re trekking in the Fouta Djallon Highlands of Guinea or canoeing down the River Gambia in Senegal and The Gambia.

Thanks for your support, NUUN!


More ‘shout outs’ to come, for everyone who backed us with product