More personal ‘thank you’ banners to our donors – River Gambia Expedition

Love yourself project_DSF4412 copy

Michael Mut/ Love Yourself Project, NYC – Kartong, The Gambia, West Africa

So many of your made this expedition possible – with your participation in ‘An Exchange’ and the Kickstarter campaign – in exchange for donations we offered Jason Floiro’s limited edition fine photography art prints, taken whilst on the River Gambia Expedition . For that, we were immensely humbled by your support and unprecedented generosity.

Teru_DSF4324 copy

Teru Kuwayana, NY, USA – Bonto, River Gambia, The Gambia

Before we first sent out our fundraising emails we tried to think of a unique way of saying thank you to everyone who chipped in. The above is what we came up with. And, along the way, we had fun doing this…so many people we met on the journey, who participated when we explained, loved the idea of it – and/or loved the camera! Either way, it worked out really well.

Please see our ‘big thanks page’ for more banners.

BIG Thanks!

The Florios – H & Flo x

To see Jason Florio series of images from the River Gambia, please check out his website: