A day at the beach…a well-deserved pint and a packet of crisps…then, back to work on the River Gambia Expedition 2012

Flo and Vince work out the route – amongs impatient kids who are and ready to roll. Image © Helen Jones-Florio

We woke up yesterday morning to find that Summer had arrived. Hurrah! we chorused. After a few hasty phone calls, we gathered the troops: my niece, ‘Bella (who is over from Dallas, TX, at the moment – her mum and dad are working down at the Olympic Village in Stratford), nephews, Tyrone and Jacob, a couple of friends, Christy, Vince and their two boys, Colm and Eóin. Piling into a couple of cars, we made our way, in tandem, towards the Southcoast and Selsey Bill, where Florio used to go on holiday when he was a boy.

On the beach, much fun and frolicking was had – by kids and adults alike.

“Jacob! Step away from the seaweed!” Flo & the Surrey Gang on the beach at Selsey Bill, West Sussex – July 22 2012. Image @ Helen Jones-Florio

Homeward bound, a pub-stop just had to be made. Belly’s full of pints and packets of salt and vinegar crisps (soda’s for the kids, of course), we got back on the road, and the last leg of a long, hot, summers day – the car smelling of wet towels, salty sea air and fresh crabs (along with the odd ‘unidentified’/'its wasn’t me!’ pong coming from the young boys in the back of the car) – irritable, tired, but happy sun-kissed kids, and all.

Nearing the end of the day – The White Hart, Pulbright. Image @ Helen Jones-Florio

Despite the urge to soak up the rays again today, there is much work still to be done on the River Gambia Expedition 2012. So, a compromise is made…our production office desk is now the garden bench.

Florio ‘mappin’ out the route’ – River Gambia Expedition 2012 production office goes al fresco. Image @ Helen Jones-Florio 2012

Alas, the sun’s glare on the computer screens was becoming a problem. A shady solution was soon found (thanks Rodger!).

‘Are we in West Africa yet?’ H & Flo – the UK/USA River Gambia Expedition 2012 team co-leaders. Image courtesy of Wendy Florio

Happy daze

Love and sunshine

The Florios x

Please click on the image below to watch Jason Florio as he explains how you can own one of his fine art photography prints, from a series of images he will take whilst on the expedition: