Strength – a woman’s work…River Gambia, Kedougou, Senegal


Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio

Random photos of the day: A woman returns from her daily work of washing laundry and utensils in the River Gambia, Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa.

When we returned to Kedougou – after paying homage to the source of the River Gambia in the Fouta Djallon Hghlands of Guinea – we spent a few days preparing ‘The Twins’ (our two Ally 811 canoes), ready to get them into the River. This also entailed going down to various sections of the River Gambia to find out where would be the best place for us to embark, with the canoes, on the next phase of the River Gambia Expedition.

It was near to the Relais de Kedougou hotel that we saw many of the local women washing clothes, pots, pans, and rice, in the river each day – in fact, it’s a common sight along the entire length of the the river, up until when the water becomes too salty (as it nears it’s end, in the Atlantic Ocean, The Gambia). The river bank was particularly steep by the Relais and the woman would hoist up the heavy loads, onto their heads, as if the large plastic buckets contained nothing other than the feathers of a fattened guinea fowl!

Despite many, many years of traveling to Africa, I will continue be amazed by how much women, and young girls, carry loads with such apparent ease.


Ferry crossing on The River Gambia, Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio

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