BBC News in Pictures: ‘From source to mouth, the River Gambia’

Most nights we would wild camp on the river bank, and on one occasion on a small sandbar in the middle of the river when the banks were too steep to scale,” Florio said. “At night we would we build a big fire, and keep it going all night, to ward off wildlife, especially hippos – just in case we had inadvertently pitched our tents on one of their pathways to and from the river.” Jason Florio – Read more and see more pics on the BBC website here

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Boy with his pet monkey – Fata Tenda, The Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio

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Image © Jason Florio

River Gambia Expedition - route map

River Gambia Expedition – route map

Thanks to Phil Coomes, over at the Beeb, for taking an interest in our River Gambia Expedition story and – most importantly – for publishing it on the BBC website. We both (Helen & Florio) grew up with the BBC (and we are still growing up, tuned into it every day!) . So, we are honored to be featured with the BBC again, for this particular journey.  When we returned from our 2009 ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – 930km African odyssey‘ we were approached by John McCarthy’s producer to be interviewed on the – now much missed – ‘Excess Baggage‘ radio show.

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The Florios with 'Paddy' the donkey - A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush

The Florios with ‘Hadley’ the donkey – ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – a 930km African odyssey’ 2009


Click on the map, or here, to visit the ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush’ blog. And, yes, we did walk every single km of it  : ‘bi tamala singolah’ (walking by foot, all the way)!

To find out what we’re up, as of today (1st Aug 2013) please visit this link

National Geographic Weekend Radio: Interview incoming – March 10, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 5.22.54 PMMarch 10, 2013: Going Undercover for Elephant Ivory; Held Hostage by Hippos; and more…

We talk to host, Boyd Matson, about the River Gambia Expedition, on Nat Geo Weekend radio. Tune in here


‘Hippos are known as the most dangerous animals in Africa. They’re humongous, they’re ill tempered, and they’re unafraid. Needless to say, when two British adventurers nearly paddled over one on their 600-mile River Gambia Expedition, they were alarmed. The trip took Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio across three countries as they documented the lives of the people they encountered along the river, anxious over a proposed dam that would potentially change the river in significant ways.’

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Podcast: Photographer, Jason Florio – and River Gambia Expedition co-leader – talks to the One Hour Photo Show

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Podcast: Jason Florio on the One Hour Photo Show – click on image or here to listen

Florio talks to Anderson Smith and Jillian Hayes on the One Hour Photo Show, about the River Gambia Expedition – photography, planning and hippos!

More press and news about the journey: Meet the Press

RADIO: One Hour Photo Show – River Gambia Expedition photography – Live: Wed 20th Feb @ 1pm EST

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Jillian Hayes and I are so excited to be having photographer Jason Florio join us this Wednesday to talk about his expedition of the River Gambia. I have followed his journey and had a chance to meet Jason when I was in New York. Check out his blog we posted on the One Hour Photo Show page. And make sure you tune in Wednesday at 1pm eastern.” Anderson Smith – One Hour Photo Show

You can listen to us, live – 1pm EST – on Anderson’s show this Wednesday, 20th February 2012.

The Florios (H & Florio)

River Gambia Expedition Co-Leaders