Happy ‘River Gambia Expedition’ sponsors – Kelly Kettle™

Blog post – Feb 2013 – River Gambia Expedition: ‘Today’s shout out goes to Kelly Kettle – this little beauty ‘Base Camp’ was a life saver…we Brits love our tea! Also, because you can burn any old bits of dry twigs and grass to boil the water it meant that this time, we didn’t have to use kembo (charcoal – from trees, which are all too often purposely chopped down for burning) – used all the time in West Africa to make fires

Kelly Kettle Company on board!! BIG thanks to Patrick Kelly and the guys for the ‘Base Camp Kettle Sets’!

What’s in the bag, Florio? Image © Helen Jones-Florio

We just this minute took delivery of two Kelly Kettle Base Camp Sets. So, its with HUGE thanks to Patrick Kelly and the guys over in Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland, for their support – and faith in what we are doing. And, as with all our product sponsors, we’ll be providing the Kelly Kettle Company with professional images of their product in use, and promoting them here on the blog, FB, Twitter etc. when we are on the forthcoming River Gambia Expedition

“Have a GREAT trip! What an adventure that will be!” Patrick Kelly – Kelly Kettle Company Director & Co-Founder

We are absolutely thrilled to have the ingenious little gadgets for the expedition – and another thing, with thanks to companies like the Kelly Kettle Company, to tick off our now-not-so-lengthy ‘Wish List’!

‘Kelly Kettle® essential Camping equipment for the Outdoors. [for Scouts, Fishing, Picnics, Disaster Kits, etc. ...'

It also means we won't be burning charcoal ('kembo' - Mandinka word) on the expedition either, to cook and boil water, when we get down to West Africa this time. With the Kelly Kettle, we can use dry grass, paper, and bits of twigs to get it going - altogether much kinder on the environment. And, the kettles are super light weight, compact and durable - which is essential, as we will need to account for every ounce we carry, when we are trekking and canoeing our way along the course of the River Gambia.

Product Dimensions (Stainless Steel 'Base Camp Full Kit'):
Kettle Height ....... 34cm / 13 inches (packed)
Kettle Diameter....18.7cm / 7.4 inches (widest point at rim of fire base)
Kettle Capacity.....2.6 Pints (UK)/ 1.5ltr
Pot Capacity........ 30oz / 0.85ltr
Total Kit Weight....3.49lb / 1.58kg

We'll be unleashing the little beauties from their bags shortly, to test out the 'Kettles...more images to come soon, of these fantastic gadgets in action!

Thanks, as always for stopping by.

The Florios (Helen & Flo)

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