Hagedorn Gallery, Atlanta, GA – Press Release about Jason Florio’s recent awards for his Gambia portraits

Hagedorn Gallary + Jason Florio Portraits

In 2011, the Hagedorn Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, exhibited Florio’s Makasutu‘ and ‘Silafando‘ portraits from The Gambia, West Africa. So, they were very happy to advertise the fact that portraits from both bodies of work have just received more awards: Black & White Spider Awards – ‘Honor of Distinction‘, 2012 & Px3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris), 2012, ‘Portraiture/Culture‘ respectively.

Purely coincidentally, Abdou Ndong (who is the man in the portrait with the rescued crocodile) is an old friend and also one of our River Gambia 2012 – 1000km source to sea African odyssey’ team mates. His expertise as a river man and translator (he speaks three or four of the local West African language’s we will encounter on the journey) will be invaluable.

Flo & Abdou Makasutu

Abdou & Florio (with one of Abdou’s donkeys) – Makasutu Culture Forest, The Gambia, West Africa, 2009. Image © Helen Jones-Florio

Above: Abdou and Florio. Abdou had come with a load of groundnut hay for our donkeys, just before we set off on what would become a 930km walk, in 2009. We had – on loan – two very willful, and precocious, donkeys by the names of ‘Paddy’ & ‘Neil’ (a little into the journey, Paddy was swapped over for an older – even more quick-witted! – donkey called Hadley) for ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – a 930km African odyssey. They came fromThe Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust’, who do fantastic work down in West Africa, rehabilitating horses and donkeys.

Thanks to Hagedorn for sharing the news about the awards and huge respect to Alexandra LaFaou and Gordon Watkinson (an extremely talented photographer in his own right) at Foto + Synthesis – who run a traveling exhibition service that works closely with museums, photographers, curators and collectors – for getting the exhibition on in the first place.

And, of course, congrats to Mr Florio!!

Please click on the image below to watch Jason Florio as he explains how you can own one of his fine art photography prints, from a series of images he will take whilst on the River Gambia Expedition 2012: