Jason Florio presents his photography at the Bronx Documentary Center, NY

A big thank you to Mike Kamber and Nina Robinson, for inviting us up to the Bronx Documentary Center, NY, last night, where Jason Florio presented his work as a photojournalist – to a group of photography students – and also showed images from our three Gambia-based projects, which we’ve worked on together: ‘Makasutu-mecca in the forest‘, ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – 930km African odyssey‘(+ the blog), and ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1000km source-sea African odyssey(+ the blog).

Bronx Florio screen _1416 copy

Ready to roll © Helen Jones-Florio

Flo Bronx Doc _1434 copy

Florio at work – Bronx Documentary Center, NY © Helen Jones-Florio

Afterwards, we were honored to see some of the students presenting current photography, and film, projects they are working on. To say that we were impressed would be an understatement. We saw thought provoking, professional, well-executed work. We could have sat there all night, happy to see all of the students present their work. However, I guess we had to let them go home at some time, and 11.30pm seemed about that time!

Hats off to Mike, and his team at the BDC, for opening their door and being so giving of their time, expertise and experience, for these free workshops. BDC also hold a free film workshop, on Tuesdays (I believe), and Mike said they are considering starting a writing workshop. Please do go and check the center out – they have many other events too, from photo exhibitions to screening nights.


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