Thanks to Peli Products UK for keeping our gear dry on the River Gambia!

As Florio and I shift through hundreds of images, to see what we want to put in our forthcoming book about the ‘River Gambia Expedition‘ (it’s a difficult task – every single image has it’s own story to tell), it’s … Continue reading

Strength – a woman’s work…River Gambia, Kedougou, Senegal

Random photos of the day: A woman returns from her daily work of washing laundry and utensils in the River Gambia, Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa. When we returned to Kedougou – after paying homage to the source of the River … Continue reading

Looking back: The weight of waiting…Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa

Wednesday November 28th 2012 Internet Cafe, Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio 2012 Hurry up and wait…this should be the title of our book about the River Gambia Expedition so far. The journey began on our departure from Gatwick … Continue reading

Tales from the River Gambia – reflecting on what’s gone by and what is to come…

The River Gambia Expedition Route Map: 1044km (649 miles) from source to sea – 23rd November, 2012-21st January 2013. Three West African countries. One river. We actually began our journey when we arrived in The Gambia, West Africa, on a … Continue reading

The ferry crossing across the River Gambia, Senegal, West Africa

Random photo of the day: Car ferry crossing over the River Gambia, in Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa. Taken whilst on the River Gambia Expedition – image © Jason Florio We’ll be presenting a slideshow and discussion all about our journey … Continue reading

‘The Twins’ (Ally 811 canoes) become ‘The Ally Cat’ – River Gambia, Senegal, West Africa

‘The Twins’ become ‘The Ally Cat’ December 27th, 2012 – Njuen-Gulumbu-Genoto, Senegal – Distance paddled to-date: 245.41km The conversion of ‘The Twins’ begins – Gulumbu, Senegal And we’re off! Helen films the inaugural voyage of ‘The Ally Cat’ More river … Continue reading

Boy with his pet monkey – River Gambia, West Africa – new images by Jason Florio

Random photo of the day: Musa Djallow with his pet monkey on the banks of the River Gambia, Fata Kunda, The Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio Please visit the website for more images from Jason Florio’s new series – … Continue reading

Dead monkeys and Christmas night – sleeping on a rock by the River Gambia, Senegal

Carrying on from where we left off, on our River Gambia Expedition… Tuesday 25th December 2012 – Njuen, Senegal, West Africa. Total paddling distance to-date: 185.73km Over the last couple of days since we left Yousef in Mako – our … Continue reading

Update: We dodged the angry hippo and made it to Mako – and it’s time to say ‘fonyato domanding’ to our hippo expert

‘Fonyato domanding’ – a West Africa mandinka phrase – roughly translates as: ‘see you next time‘ Friday 21st December 2012 – Bantaco – Mako. Total paddling distance to-date: 105.73km  River Gambia Expedition We left the main gold mines behind this … Continue reading

Photographer, Jason Florio: Kedougou streets at night, Senegal, West Africa

Random photo of the day: what served as our local coffee shop during the day became a take-out food place by night – Kedougou, Senegal, West Africa © Jason Florio. To see more of Florio’s images from the River Gambia … Continue reading