MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The River Gambia Expedition team reach the Atlantic Ocean, Banjul, The Gambia after over 1100km road and river!

denton bridge-finish_MG_8986 copy

The River Gambia Expedition team reach the Atlantic Ocean, at Denton Bridge, The Gambia – after over 1000km of road and river l-r: Helen Jones-Florio, Ebou Jarju, Abdou Ndong, Jason Florio. Thanks to Terry, of Denton Bridge Watersports, for his hospitality on our return (and the chicken and chips!)

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

After two months on the road and camping on the banks of the River Gambia, we bloody well did it!! The River Gambia Expedition team reached the Atlantic Ocean, in The Gambia, yesterday, 21st January – over 1100km later: 700km canoeing the River Gambia and 400km over-landing through the Fouta Djallon Highlands, in Guinea-Conakry – to pay homage to the source of the River Gambia, in the village of HorĂ© Dimma.

No support boat or vehicle. No motor. Just the four of us (at one time, five) and pure and simple paddle power!!

Yellowbrick route map 2013

The River Gambia Expedition route map

Last night it felt as if we had suddenly shifted into another reality. Our great friends Geri and Maurice, who run a beautiful eco lodge – Sandele – in Kartong, came to meet us in Banjul, to help us haul the Ally 811 canoes (A.K.A. ‘The Twins and more recently A.K.A. ‘The Ally Cat’)and all our gear back to their place by the beach, for some much needed r ‘n’ r. To mark the auspicious occasion – a double celebration, as it was also Florio’s birthday – G and M cracked open a bottle of champagne and a presented Mr F with a freshly baked carrot cake. We were in an odd sort of heaven…we even had our own plates! After having spent the last couple of months eating from a ‘family bowl’ – a very common West African way of eating is by sharing a big bowl of food.

Food-Plasas-Hore dimma_DSF0997

Family bowl – West Africa style, Hore Dimma, Guinea-Conakry

BUT! We need to rewind – quite a bit, actually – and go back to where we left of on the last post – and fill in the blanks of the journey. Because we have had so little chance to on line for the last month or so we have a backlog of photos, road and river stories to share with you. However…please bear with us (again!) as we readjust to being back and catch up on the practicalities of ‘normal’ life. We have return flights to the UK to book (big thanks to The Gambia Experience) to see family and flights back to NYC and home – at long last. We’ve been gone a while. We also have to go to Banjul port tomorrow and claim our itinerant box, filled with materials we needed for the River Gambia Expedition, which arrived about a week ago – nearly 3 months late – which has seemingly done the rounds, in the Atlantic Ocean, of various ports in West Africa!

Stay with us…we will be back shortly – we promise!

The Florios – H & Flo

H & Flo polaroid_DSF4403 copy

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