DPx Knives offer – from adventurer and author, Robert Young Pelton…first come, first served!

DPx Knives by Adventurer and author, Robert Young Pelton

Very shortly, we’ll be posting a fantastic offer…we’ll have just three DPx Gear knives to exchange for donations/pledges to our Kickstarter campaign. World adventurer, author and River Gambia Expedition collaborator (meet the team), Robert Young Pelton’s knives are second to none:

‘You work out there, hundreds of miles from help, pushing the limits of sanity, stamina and luck. Whether your world is combat, humanitarian, rescue, survival or hunting, it is where you will find DPx Gear. DPx Gear is designed for brutal use. Where there is no room for failure. Our knives are not just edged tools, they are designed and built to be hostile environment survival tools. The gear that you see revealed on this site will be the result of decades of “why don’t they….” and we did.’ DPx Gear

But, as mentioned, we will have just three of these hand-crafted beauties…so, all you adventurers and intrepid explorers of the world, first come, first served! If you want to be notified of when we post the actual offer – to get in there with a chance – then sign up here on the blog (see the right hand column – ‘follow us please – come on board’). Or, follow our River Gambia Expedition Facebook page

DPx Gear – a taster of what’s on offer!

Post coming very, very soon!

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