Day 6: Snapshots from a Photo Destination – NY art students come and check out the ‘River Gambia’ with Jason Florio at Photoville

Friday 27th September – Florio left home early to get to the Photoville site in Brooklyn, to show and tell all about the ‘River Gambia‘ exhibit to art class students from school in New York.

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Image courtesy of Julie Grahame ‘aCurator’

Thanks for Julie Grahame, aCurator, for the above social media sharing of Mr Florio in full Flo! Julie, and other PV exhibitors, also gave up there spare time to get in early, to enlightened students about all things photography. Julie is exhibiting the rather special work of Jim Mortram ‘Small Town Inertia‘ in her shipping container at Photoville – well worth checking out…thought-provoking stuff from Mr M.

“Jim Mortram is up-front about his own situation as a full-time caregiver, and in what spare time he has he photographs people in the margins, people in difficult circumstances – mentally or physically ill or just plain in-trouble. He gives them space to tell their stories, and the results are intimate and non-judgmental. Jim photographs warmly, with obvious compassion and investment in people’s lives. “No matter who I shoot I want to shoot them forever!” Julie Grahame/aCurator

aCurator are currently running our River Gambia story too…check it out here

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aCurator – ‘River Gambia’ Images © Jason Florio

As usual, Florio and I will both be there to walk you through our ‘River Gambia – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘. So, please stop by and walk into a slice of West African river life – as we take you on a journey from the source of one of Africa’s last major free-flowing rivers (as in, it may soon be dammed, thereby changing the existence of most of those whose livelihoods depend on the river…along with natural habitat for animals) – over landing and canoeing, from the Fouta Djallon Highlands of Guinea, into Senegal, and then on through to The Gambia and our journey’s end, at the Atlantic Ocean

We hope to see you at Photoville for Day 7 – another packed day of exhibitions, talks, workshops (including FlakPhoto/Andy Adams – talk and beer garden meet up) and parties in the beer garden, overlooked by the monumental Manhattan skyline.

The Florios (H & Flo)


© Jason Florio – Photoville 2013

River Gambia‘ presented by Virginia Quarterly Review